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Scotty West playing guitar in his teaching studio.

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Scotty enjoys talking to folks about guitar music and prides himself on taking the best possible care of all of his students. He will answer all support requests personally, talking you through any questions you may have at no extra charge.

We also offer a full 30 day money back guarantee ... but after almost 13 years of global internet sales and thousands of units sold worldwide, nobody has ever used it. We are very proud of that.

Scotty answers some of your questions about his guitar lessons on DVD...

Can guitar lessons on DVD teach me how to play guitar correctly?

"Yes ... provided those guitar lessons on DVD are well produced. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then my professionally produced guitar lessons on DVD are priceless! Folks often have trouble learning music from text sources. Many of you have tried reading guitar books or downloading guitar lessons in text form and you still don't get guitar music theory. That's because you will learn how to play guitar more easily when someone actually shows you how it's done and explains what they are doing right in front of your eyes!

Scotty West playing guitar in his teaching studio.

With our guitar lessons on DVD, you get to hear what it actually sounds like. It's very much like taking private guitar lessons — but at a fraction of the cost! The close-ups of the various guitar chord and scale fingerings and multiple camera angles that appear in our guitar lessons on DVD may even give you a better view than you get with private guitar lessons. You can freeze the frame and study the fingerings in detail. You can rewind and watch a segment over and over until you totally get it down."

Wouldn't I learn how to play guitar better and quicker if I took guitar lessons from a private teacher?

"Our guitar lessons on DVD are probably the best way to learn how to play guitar unless you have a world class guitar teacher with 40 years playing experience and an air-tight knowledge of music theory living in your neighborhood ... and you probably don't. If I had a nickle for every "meathead" guitar teacher I've ever met, I'd be a rich man! And good guitar players aren't automatically good guitar teachers. They may understand guitar music theory themselves, but that doesn't guarantee that they have a fool-proof system in place to explain the guitar to you.

I've been a private guitar teacher helping people understand music and learn how to play the guitar 40 hours a week for almost 28 years and I still love it. I've explained guitar music theory and technique to so many thousands of people that I've learned how to express these concepts so that even the most complex theory is fun and easy to learn. That's what made this whole series of guitar lessons on DVD possible. I just walked into the TV studio ... they pointed the cameras at me and I just "did my thing".

"Need A Hand?"

Scotty West playing guitar in his teaching studio.

Call Scotty at 508-775-8950

My guitar lessons on DVD are exactly like my private guitar lessons except that you can take them wherever you are ... in your own home or on the road ... on your schedule ... at your pace. Watch them over and over until you totally get it down. Share them with your friends, family and band mates ... all at a fraction of the cost of private guitar lessons. I get $50 an hour for my private guitar lessons. Our guitar lessons on DVD cost about $5 an hour. Do the math. This many private guitar lessons would cost you almost $1600. If anyone tries to tell you that you can really learn how to play guitar for less, they're not being honest.

And don't forget. If you have any questions you can contact me seven days a week for personalised support. Grab a copy of my guitar lessons on DVD today, even if you're still unsure, you can test them out and if you're not 100% satisfied just get in touch within 30 days for a full refund."


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The complete home study package, including 32 video guitar lessons on DVD and all printed support material in hard copy — handbook, complete fingering encyclopedia and Scotty's famous musical sliderule.

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The complete home study print-it-yourself package, including 32 video guitar lessons on DVD. Print your own support material from our CD and save 25%.

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Lefty Edition

New Lefty Edition

No transposing in

your head. Ready 

to learn left handed 

chord and scale charts.

Same great method! 

Student Feedback

and well organized ... 
infinitely accessible"

Mike Moore 
- Williamsburg, VA, USA


"I must say 
I've never heard
anyone explain 
music and the 
guitar in such 
a concise and 
way ... very 

Craig Dobyski 
- Westminster, MD, USA


"I just wanted 
to let you know 
that your program 
will make a better 
musician of me. I 
can't tell you how 
much better I can 
see and understand 
now. It's kind of like
a blind man seeing 
for the first time."


Ed McNevin 
- Streamwood, IL, USA


"I was actually 
laughing because 
you made it so simple.
I never viewed a DVD 
that presented so 
much information 
in 1 hour."


John Cipriano 
- Hamilton, NJ, USA


"Thank you for an 
excellent course. 
I did have a lot of 
doubt when I 
purchased it. 
Your course is 
well well worth 
the money. You 
could have even 
charged more!"


Tuan Nguyen 
- Chicago, IL, USA



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